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Filme: Foguete

In the heart of the city, a beloved playground structure attracts thousands of people and brings different generations together. The challenge and courage of climbing up and down the Rocket enchant a father and son, whom each played in the same place.


Conceição takes care of her sick husband and works to pay the bills. This was not the old age she wanted.

Filme: Recôncavo
Filme: O Homem O Gato O Besouro

A story about 3 species in isolation.

A documentary short film about how different people from a small community in Thailand deal with garbage for one common cause: making the world a better place to live in.

Filme: Depende de Você
Filme: Olhe em Volta

A young student looking for the meaning of life writes a diary. He recounts his adventures and disappointments. A metaphor for life, maybe love is the answer.

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