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Pedro Henrique Chaves is a writer-director from Brazil. Graduated in Audiovisual from the University of Brasília (UnB), through his acting background, he connected with cinema, but as a director, he fell in love with telling stories. Since 17, he has been directing and shooting in different countries, including Brazil, Thailand, and Canada.

His first short film, ROCKET, premiered at the HBO-presented New York Latino Film Festival (NYLFF) and has been screened at several other international festivals, such as the Tiradentes Film Festival and the Latinx edition of NewFilmmakers LA, in partnership with The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. ROCKET was also a winner at the International University Academic Film Festival (FACIUNI), supported by DirecTV, WarnerMedia, Sundance Collab, and CAA, awarding Pedro with a scholarship for the USC School of Cinematic Arts Summer program.

He believes being a film director is an opportunity to be better at observing and listening to others. His sensibility leans towards personal narratives. And he looks forward to making films that are dramatic and character-driven.

Pedro is looking for financing to produce his next short films: JUST ONE MORE and EVERYTHING I DIDN'T SAY, BUT I HAD THE CHANCE.

Film Director | Pedro Henrique Chaves
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